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CIS Discussion Paper Series

Masazumi Hattori, James Yetman
The evolution of inflation expectations in Japan

CIS Discussion Paper Series

Takashi Oshio, Emiko Usui
The effects of providing eldercare on daughters' employment and mental health in Japan

IER Discussion Paper Series

Hodaka Morita, Kentaro Nakajima, Tsuyoshi Tsuru
Product Architecture and Intra-Firm Coordination: Theory and Evidence

RCESR Discussion Paper Series

Takeshi Mizuta, Chihiro Shimizu, Iichiro Uesugi
How Inheritance Affects the Real Estate Market in an Aging Economy: Evidence from Transaction and Registry Data

IER Discussion Paper Series

Shintaro Yamaguchi, Yukiko Asai, Ryo Kambayashi
Effects of Subsidized Childcare on Mothers' Labor Supply Under a Rationing Mechanism

HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series

Takayuki Mizuno, Takaaki Ohnishi, Tsutomu Watanabe
Stock market bubble detection based on the price dispersion among similar listed Firms

RCESR Discussion Paper Series

Naohito Abe, Noriko Inakura, Akiyuki Tonogi
Effects of the Entry and Exit of Products on Price Indexes

CEI Working Paper Series

Saumik Pau, Kyoji Fukao
The Role of Structural Transformation in Regional Productivity Growth and Convergence in Japan: 1874 - 2008

Ichiro Iwasaki, Satoshi Mizobata
Post-Privatization Ownership and Firm Performance: A Large Meta-Analysis of the Transition Literature

RRC Working Paper Series

Yasushi NAKAMURA ed.
Economic Development of Eurasian Countries from Wider Perspectives: Proceedings of the International Workshop

Yoshisada SHIDA
Russia's Informal Economic Growth: 1960-1990

IER Discussion Paper Series

Shintaro Yamaguchi, Yukiko Asai, Ryo Kambayashi
How Does Early Childcare Enrollment Affect Children, Parents, and Their Interactions?

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