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Research Division of Comparative and World Economics

Historical experiences of the United States, Europe and Japan provide valuable suggestions for the economies of developing countries and emerging markets, while analysis of developing economies and emerging markets in turn can help us understand the historical processes of developed countries. From this perspective, this research division carries out empirical and theoretical research employing the approaches of comparative economics, comparative system analysis, and comparative economic history; development economics and theory of economic development; and emerging market theory, theory of economies in transition, and regional economic analysis (including regions such as Russia and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa). Its main research themes are historical and empirical research on Japan’s economy both before and after industrialization; applied economic systems, and historical research on countries in transition (such as those of contemporary Asia and Africa as well as Central and Eastern Europe and Russia); and interdisciplinary research on the structures of underdevelopment and poverty.


LEE, Guenwoo
KUMO, Kazuhiro
MASUDA, Kazuya
TESHIMA, Kensuke