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LSE CPNSS/科研費国際共同研究B/規範経済学研究センター合同オンラインセミナー LSE CPNSS/Fostering Joint International Research B/RCNE Joint Online Seminar


2021/5/25(火)18:00〜19:30 (JST日本時間) 10:00 ~ 11:30 (BST英国時間)          May 25 (Tues) 18:00〜19:30 (Japan Standard Time) 10:00 ~ 11:30 (British Standard Time)  

場所 Zoom オンライン開催  Online via Zoom


宮城島要(青山学院大学)Kaname Miyagishima (Aoyama Gakuin University)
論題 Title:A Defense of Pluralist Egalitarianism Under Severe Uncertainty: Axiomatic Characterization" (with Akira Inoue)

Richard Bradley (LSE CPNSS)
論題 Title:"Impartial Evaluation Under Ambiguity"

幹事 坂本徳仁 [東京理科大学] Organizer: Norihito Sakamoto (Tokyo University of Science)




For participation, kindly e-mail your full name, position and affiliation to rcne(at)ier.hit-u.ac.jp by May 24 (Mon).  Zoom link will be sent to you by May 25.

This seminar requires participants to read through the papers before the seminar. Each presenter will outline their contribution for 5 minutes and the remaining 40 minutes will be used for discussion with the participants for further improvement.  Papers will be sent out around a week before the seminar.