HOMEPublications ≫ IER NEWSLETTER Vol. 6

IER NEWSLETTER Vol. 6 (2016/4/28) 

We are publishing to our related researchers this newsletter for the purpose of providing regular notice of the activities of the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University. While we have provided information through the Institute’s website, we now decide to publish this newsletter as a means of communicating information actively in order to provide more timely notice of the Institute’s activities, so that readers can participate in our activities and have more accurate understandings of their content.



1. Information
2. Column: SAIJO Tatsuyoshi (Professor, Research Center for Social Design Engineering, Kochi University of Technology, Visiting Professor, IER, Hitotsubashi University)
3. Visitors
4. Seminar Schedule
5. New Publications

     1. Information     

Job Opening for a Lecturer or an Assistant Professor of Microeconomics in Institute of Economic Research (IER), Hitotsubashi University

     2. Column     

SAIJO, Tatsuyoshi
Professor, Research Center for Social Design Engineering, Kochi University of Technology, Visiting Professor, IER, Hitotsubashi University

Economists seem to have a high regard of markets. Democratic institutions also tend to be treated as "sacred and inviolable". When I was a graduate student, I held markets in high regard despite learning about many instances of market failures. While markets are very good at meeting demands and supplies of the current generation, it tends to use up resources that may be best left for future generations. Furthermore, were a politician in an indirect democracy to advocate for individuals three generations in the future, he will probably lose. Voters would most likely vote for candidates that maximize the voters' utility. I did not realize this when I was very young, but the democratic and free market institutions that underpin modern liberalism seems to rob the future generations of their resources “without any remorse”.  On the other hand, experiments utilizing real people have shown that we also have “sympathy, kindness, and empathy”. Perhaps, market and democratic institutions dull these natural sensibilities.  
We have begun to design new frameworks under the auspices of “Future Design” to augment market and democratic institutions.  We wish to implement virtual future generations. While it may sound a bit preposterous, people seem to change their thinking once they put on the “caps” of future generations. Please look at the following if you are interested. There are also videos. 

     3. Visitors     


[Visiting and Adjunct Faculties]
Mitsukuni Nishida (The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School) 2016/6/15-2016/8/14
Shin Kanaya (Aarhus University & CREATES) 2016/5/19-2016/8/18
Shintaro Yamaguchi (McMaster University) 2016/4/20-2016/7/21
Katsuo Kogure (Osaka University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Tatsuyoshi Saijo (Kochi University of Technology) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Satoshi Tanaka (University of Queensland) 2016/4/1-2016/6/30
[Foreign Visiting Faculties]
Robert Gal (Corvinus University of Budapest) 2016/4/11-2016/7/10
[Visiting Scholars]
Marjan Petreski (University American College Skopje) 2016/4/5-2016/6/3
Akihito Katsuo (Tamagawa University) 2016/4/1-2017/3/20
Hideki Kamiyama (Teikyo University) 2016/4/1-2016/9/30
Ivan Deseatnicov (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers) 2015/4/13-2017/4/12
Pei-Hsin Lin (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers) 2014/11/4-2016/11/3
[Associate Research Scholars]
Masahiro Hori (Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kentaro Iijima (Fujitsu Marketing Limited) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Seiichi Inagaki (International University of Health and Welfare) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Koji Ito (Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Eunhwa Kang (Saitama Prefectural University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kan Viktoria (Teikyo University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kazuko Kano (Musashino University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Shinobu Majima (Gakushuin University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kentaro Nakajima (Tohoku University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Konosuke Odaka (Hitotsubashi University; Professor Emeritus) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Osamu Saito (Hitotsubashi University; Professor Emeritus) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Tokihiko Settsu (Musashi University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Elena Shadrina (Meiji University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Keiko Suganuma (Nihon University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Taku Suzuki (Teikyo University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kotaro Suzumura (Hitotsubashi University; Professor Emeritus) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Noriyuki Takayama (Research Institute for Policies on Pension and Aging) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Juro Teranishi (Hitotsubashi University; Professor Emeritus) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Kazunari Tsukada (IDE-JETRO) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Katsuhito Uehara (Tenri University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21
Go Yano (Kyoto University) 2016/4/2-2017/3/21

     4. Seminar Schedule     

Apr 28, 2016, 16:30-
Jeremy Lise (UCL)
May 10, 2016, 16:30-
Olivia Quek (The University of Tokyo)
May 10, 2016, 16:30-
Shuhei Nishitateno (Kwansei Gakuin University)
May 17, 2016, 16:30-
Sagiri Kitao (Keio University)
May 17, 2016, 16:30-
Alberto Salvo (National University of Singapore)
May 19, 2016, 17:00-
Akiko Watanabe (University of Alberta)
May 20, 2016, 13:30-
Peter Lindert (UC Davis)
May 25, 2016, 12:15-
Sunil Mani (Professor, Center for Development Studies)
May 26, 2016, 17:00-
Joseph French (University of Northern Colorado)
May 27, 2016, 10:30-
Pushkar Maitra (Monash University)
Jun 3, 2016, 10:30-
Kenmei Tsubota (IDE-JETRO/Visiting Fellow at King's India Institute, KCL London)
Jun 3, 2016, 16:30-
Atsushi Inoue (Vanderbilt University)
Jun 7, 2016, 16:30-
Yuki Takahashi (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Economics, State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Jun 10, 2016, 10:30-
Lata Gangadharan (Monash University)
Jun 14, 2016, 16:30-
Michinao Okachi (The Australian National University)
Jun 16, 2016, 16:30-
Daniel Marszalec (University of Tokyo)
Jun 17, 2016, 10:30-
Akinori Kitsuki (University of Minnesota)
Jun 23, 2016, 17:00-
Xin (Simba) Chang (University of Cambridge)
HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series  
Daisuke Fujii, Kentaro Nakajima, Yukiko Umeno Saito
Hiroyasu INOUE, Kentaro NAKAJIMA, Yukiko Umeno SAITO
CEI Working Paper Series  
Ekaterina Selezneva
Jed DeVaro, Nan Maxwell, and Hodaka Morita