HOMEPublications ≫ IER Discussion Paper Series 1995-1999

IER Discussion Paper Series 1995-1999


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.384 Bruno Dallago Small and Medium Size Enterprises and Local Poductive Systems: The Italian Experience and Hungary 1999.12
A.383 Takashi Kurosaki Risk Sharing Arrangements and the Structure of Risk and Time Preference: Theory and Evidence from Village India 1999.11
A.382 Kotaro Suzumura Welfare Economics Beyond Welfarist-Consequentialism 1999.10
A.381 Alan Edward Booth A Tentative Comparison of the Politics of Production: Income Doubling in the UK and Japan 1999.8
A.380 Hiroshi Tsubouchi (in Japanese) 1999.7
A.379 R. Gotoh, K. Suzumura & N. Yoshihara On the Existence of Procedurally Fair Allocation Rules in Economic Envionments 1999.6
A.378 Bruno Dallago Asset Specificity and Change 1999.6
A.377 Bakhtior Islamov Foreign Trade of Central Asian Indepencent States: What is the main trend-Globalization and Regionalization or Re-integration?
A.376 K. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, & T. Watanabe Tax Policy and Consumer Spending: Evidence from Japanese Fiscal Experiments 1999.6
A.375 Kenji Nishizaki & Tsutomu Watanabe Output-inflation Tradeoff at Near-zero Inflation Rates 1999.6
A.374 Takatoshi Ito Bail-out, Moral Hazard, and Credibility: IMF and World Bank policies in crises of the 21st Century Type 1999.5
A.373 Manabu Suhara An Estimation of Russian Industrial Production: 1960-1990 1999.5
A.372 Takatoshi Ito Asian Exports: Principal Causes of Deceleration 1999.3
A.371 Takatoshi Ito Capital Flows in Asia 1999.3
A.370 Tomoko Hashino, Osamu Saito & Shinji Sugayama (in Japanese) 1999.3
A.369 Yukihiko Kiyokawa, Kan Ken & Makoto Takada (in Japanese) 1999.3
A.368 Teruo Nakatsuma Bayesian Analysis of the Convergence Hypothesis in Economic Growth: A Markov Mixture Approach 1999.3
A.367 Kotaro Suzumura Welfare Economics and the Welfare State 1999.3
A.366 Kotaro Suzumura & Yongsheng Xu Welfarist-Consequentialism, Similarity of Attitudes, and Arrow's General Impossibility Theorem 1999.3
A.365 Kotaro Suzumura & Yongsheng Xu Characterizations of Consequentialism and Non-consequentialism 1999.3
A.364 Konosuke Odaka American Factories / Japanese Factories 1999.2
A.363 Zhong Maochu Five Kinds of Macroeconomic Activities —macroeconomic models and the analysis on Chinese economy (1991-1998) 1999.2
A.362 Masahiro Abe (in Japanese) 1999.2
A.361 Takashi Kurosaki & Yasuyuki Sawada (in Japanese) 1999.1
A.360 K. Isa & T. Tsuru Cell Production and Workplace Innovation in Japan: Toward a New Model for Japanese Manufacturing? 1999.1
B.24 Takashi Kurosaki & Anwar Hussain Poverty, Risk, and Human Capital in the Rural North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan 1999.3
B.23 Konosuke Odaka (in Japanese) 1999.3


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.359 Peter Havlik Wages, Productivity and Labour Costs in the CEECs 1998.12
A.358 T. Kurosaki & M. Fafchamps Insurance Market Efficiency and Crop Choices in Pakistan 1998.11
A.357 Akira Uegaki (in Japanese) 1998.11
A.356 T. Ito & Y. Nagataki Sasaki Impacts of the Basle Capital Standard on Japanese Banks' Behavior Economies 1998.9
A.355 Yoshiaki Nishimura (in Japanese) 1998.8
A.354 Csaba Mak FDI and Restructuring Business Organisations in Central Eastern Europe: Lessons from Sector and Region focused Projects in the Transformation -Do the Japanese Main Banks Extract the Firm's Rents? 1998.7
A.353 Kaoru Hosono R&D Expenditure and The Choice between Private and Public Debt 1998.7
A.352 Tsuyoshi Tsuru (in Japanese) 1998.6
A.351 Masahiro Abe & Akiko Ouchi (in Japanese) 1998.6
A.350 T. Kariya & H. Kurata A Maximal Extension of the Gauss-Markov Theorem and its Nonlinear Version 1998.4
A.349 Tibor Erdos Crawing Peg Exchange Rate System and the Related Economic Problems in Hungary 1998.3
A.348 Tibor Erdos Inflation and Its Main Effects in the Transition Period 1998.3
A.347 G. Elliott & T. Ito Heterogeneous Expectations and Tests of Efficiency in the Yen/Dollar Forward Exchange Rate Market 1998.3
A.346 Elena Leontieva Enterprise Reform in Russia: Emerging Modern Corporations and the Problem of Corporate Governance 1998.3
A.345 H. Tsuda & T. Kariya Modeling Individual US T-Bond Prices 1998.2
A.344 Kotaro Suzumura & Makoto Kojo (in Japanese) 1998.1
A.343 Kotaro Suzumura Consequentialism and Procedural Evaluations in Social Welfare Judgements 1998.1
A.342 Kotaro Suzumura (in Japanese) 1998.1
A.341 Kotaro Suzumura Paretian Welfare Judgements and Bergsonian Social Choice 1998.1
B.22 Konosuke Odaka (in Japanese) 1998.3


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.340 M. Morishima & T. Tsuru Nonunion Employee Representation in Japan 1997.7
A.339 Takeaki Kariya Valuation of Time-Deposit Saving (CD) with Transfer Option 1997.7
A.338 Kotaro Suzumura Consequences, Opportunities, and Procedures 1997.7
A.337 Steven Rosefielde Dark Horses: Contemporary Challenges to Democratic Free Enterprise 1997.6
A.336 Steven Rosefielde Chinese Market Socialism: Managerial Autonomy, State Ownership and Economic Justice 1997.6
A.335 Kaoru Hosono (in Japanese) 1997.5
A.334 M. Chigira & K. Fukao On the Japanese Contribution to the Equalization of World Income
A.333 Noriyuki Takayama (in Japanese) 1997.4
A.332 Noriyuki Takayama (in Japanese) 1997.4
A.331 Howard Stein Structural Adjustment and the Political Economy of Japanese Aid to Africa 1997.3
A.330 W. R. Garside Industrial Policy and the Developmental State: Britain 1945-1990 1997.3
A.329 Tsutomu Miyagawa & Hidehiko Ishihara (in Japanese) 1997.1
A.328 Kyoji Fukao (in Japanese) 1997.1
A.327 Tsuyoshi Tsuru Intrafirm Communication and Wage Determination in Japanese Nonunion Firms 1997.1
A.326 Yukihiko Kiyokawa & Fumio Makino (in Japanese) 1997.1
B.21 Konosuke Odaka (in Japanese) 1997.3


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.325 James Crotty Were Keynes's Views on the Economic Role of the State More Radical and Interventionist Then U.S. Keynesians Acknowledged?: Evidence From the 1920s 1996.11
A.324 Howard Stein The Nigerian Banking Crisis and Japanese Financial Development: In Search of Lessons 1996.6
A.323 Howard Stein Adjustment and Development in Africa: Toward an Assessment 1996.6
A.322 Takeaki Kariya & Kenji Kamizono (in Japanese) 1996.4
A.321 Tetsushi Honma, Juro Teranishi & Yoshihisa Godo (in Japanese) 1996.4
A.320 Shin-ichi Fukuda Money and Economic Growth with Increasing Returns-to-Scale 1996.3
A.319 Kotaro Suzumura Maximality, Optimality and Duality 1996.3
A.318 H. Stein & P. Lewis Shifting Fortunes: The Political Economy of Financial Liberalization in Nigeria 1996.2
A.317 Tsutomu Miyagawa (in Japanese) 1996.2
A.316 Kotaro Suzumura (in Japanese) 1996.2
A.315 Kotaro Suzumura Japanese Industrial Policy for Telecommunications: Anatomy of the 1985 Institutional Reform and Its Aftermath 1996.2
A.314 Kotaro Suzumura Industrial Policy in a Developing Market Economy 1996.2


No. Author(s) Title Date
A.313 Munehisa Kasuya (in Japanese) 1995.12
A.312 Tsutomu Miyagawa The Role of Technical Progress in Japanese Environmental Problems 1995.7
A.311 Xue Jinjun Human Resource Development and Economic Growth 1995.7
A.310 R. Belderbos, C.J. Joen & L. Sleuwaegen Cascading Contingent Protection and Vertical Market Structure 1995.6
A.309 K. Kamizono & T. Kariya An Implementation of the HJM Model with Application to Japanese Interest Futures 1995.4
A.308 Tsuyoshi Tsuru (in Japanese) 1995.3
A.307 Shin-ichi Fukuda The Structural Determinants of Invoice Currencies in Japan: The Case of Foreign Trades with East Asian Countries 1995.3
A.306 P.C. Verma India's International Trade in Services 1995.2
A.305 Valery Zaitsev Economic Reforms in Russia and Japan's Experience in Post-War Economic Development 1995.1
A.304 Shin-ichi Fukuda Moral Hazard in an Insurance Market and the Optimum Quantity of Money 1995.1
A.303 Noriyuki Takayama (in Japanese) 1995.1
A.302 Masaaki Kuboniwa & Yasushi Ito (in Japanese) 1995.1
B.20 Toshiyuki Mizoguchi (in Japanese) 1995.9
B.19 R. Minami Income Inequality in the Economic Development of Japan: An Evaluation of the Kuznets Hypothesis 1995.7
B.18 R. Minami & S. Hondai A Consequence of the Enterprise Reform in China: Estimation and Analysis of the Relative Income Share of Labor in the Machinery Industry 1995.6
B.17 Masahiro Okuno, Akihiko Matsui, Masahiko Aoki & Kotaro Suzumura (in Japanese) 1995.2
B.16 Toshiyuki Mizoguchi (in Japanese) 1995.2