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OSHIO, Takashi

Specially Appointed Professor
Research Division of Economic Institutions and Policy

Public Finance


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Previous research

After working for eleven years as a researcher and economist in the Japanese Government and J. P. Morgan, I started an academic job in 1994. My research has been largely focused on social security, income distribution, education policy, and other issues related to public finance. As for social security, I have been exploring a wide variety of empirical analysis as a member of NBER'S cross-country project, "International Social Security (ISS)."

Current research projects

I am currently analyzing (1) the impact of social security programs on labor supply of the elderly, (2) the impact of regional income disparity and poverty on individuals' self-rated health and happiness, and (3) the impact of tax reforms on social welfare.

social security, public pension, economics of education, income distribution, social epidemiology