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ABE, Naohito

Research Division of Economic Institutions and Policy

Japanese Economy, Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization


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Previous research

My earliest research concentrated on constructing a theoretical model on the public provision of social overhead capital and economic development. Subsequently, for my doctoral dissertation at Yale University, I analyzed the international propagation mechanism of tax policy using a two-country dynamic macro-model. Since I joined Hitotsubashi University, rather than constructing theoretical models, I have concentrated more on empirical research. Specifically, I have focused in particular on (1) the determinants of executive pay at Japanese firms and the validity of intra-firm tournament models; (2) the empirical analysis of multi-sector business cycle models; (3) empirical research on top executive turnover at Japanese firms and the composition of boards of directors; and (4) the structural estimation of dynamic models of household consumption and savings. In addition, I conducted research on the composition of the board of directors and employment adjustment using firm-level data for various Asian countries and Russia.

Current research projects

At present, the three major research projects I am engaged in are the following: (1) the dynamic structural estimation of a life-cycle model using household panel data; (2) the relationship between corporate governance on the one hand and firms' employment adjustment and information disclosure on the other; and (3) the estimation of price stickiness and price level determination using point-of-sale data. The research on topic (1) uses micro data from the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (NSFIE) and various other household panel data sources and conducts a parameter estimation of a dynamic model assuming imperfect capital markets; in this context, I have recently been working on constructing a model that in particular also considers the determination of labor supply. In addition, I am conducting research using data for China and various other countries. Topic (3) forms part of the "JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research" project under the leadership of Professor Tsutomu Watanabe and seeks to estimate the dynamic processes underlying the various price components.

macroeconomics, dynamic models, structural estimation, consumption, prices, business cycles, employment