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Associate Professor
Research Division of Economic Institutions and Policy

Development Economics, Labor Economics, International Economics 


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Previous research

My research has focused on topics around firms and workers in developing countries and in Japan. In the context of Myanmar's garment sector, I explore the impact of international trade on working conditions at domestic firms and women's empowerment. In Japan, I have studied the relationship between firms' future forecasts and their realizing performance as well as the interaction between firms' management practices and workers' overtime work.

Current research projects

I am continuing research on similar topics as above. As one of these studies, I investigate the effects of Japanese anti-contagion and economic policies to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic for small firms. In Myanmar, for understanding the expansion of labor movements and evolution of industrial relations in the country, I explore the role of union leaders in field experiments. In addition to these topics, I also work on research in the areas of education and economic history regarding how Japanese pre-war education policy reforms affected human capital formation.

development economics, labor economics, international economics