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HATASE, Mariko

Research Division of Economic Institutions and Policy

Economic History of Japan, History of International Finance


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Previous research

I had been engaged in research in economic history at the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies of the Bank of Japan. I have examined the policy formation process and conducted empirical research on policy effects with regard to economic and monetary policy in post-war Japan, as well as foreign exchange and monetary policy in pre-war Japan. I have also conducted research on the functions of international financial markets in the pre-war period.

Current research projects

I am currently engaged in following topics: (1) the effects of various investment promotion policies on capital investment during the high-growth period, (2) the formation process of macroeconomic policies under the international monetary system in the post-Bretton Woods era, (3) the policy formation process of foreign exchange and monetary policy in pre-war Japan, (4) collecting historical data sets that are important for monetary policy as a part of an international project of the BIS.

Monetary policy, exchange rates, capital investment, historical statistics