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28.Feb.2005 Publication Research Monograph on "Pensions in Asia: Incentive, Compliance and Their Role in Retirement" released from Tokyo: Maruzen Co., Ltd.
14.Feb.2005 Research Paper "Demography and Ageing" uploaded
14.Feb.2005 Research Paper "The Balance Sheet of Social Security Pensions in Japan" uploaded
21.Sep.2004 Magazine Article "Changes in the Japanese Pension System" uploaded
28.May.2004 Research Paper "A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan"(text (37KB)PDF / figures(22KB)PDF / presentation sheets(83KB)PDF) presented at Joint PBC-IMF Seminar on China's Monetary Policy Transimission Mechanism, Beijing, April 12-13 May, 2004 uploaded
14.May.2004 Newspaper Article "Pension Lapse Forces Koizumi Aide Out" from the article written by Colin Joyce, Los Angeles Times, 8 May 2004
18.Dec.2003 TV Interview Bloomberg Asia Pacific TV Interview (by Ms. Catherine Yang) "Japan's Pension Reform"aired on 18 Dec.2003
25.Nov.2003 Research Paper "A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan: Is NDC the Answer?" (text (38KB)PDF / figures(45KB)PDF / presentation sheets(76KB)PDF) uploaded
25.Nov.2003 Research Paper "Pension Reform of PRC: Incentives, Governance and Policy Options" (text (77KB)PDF / figures(84KB)PDF / presentation sheets(239KB)PDF) uploaded
30.Jul.2003 Newspaper Article "Should Consumption Tax Fund Basic Pensions?" uploaded
19.May.2003 Newspaper Article "Too Many Promises" uploaded
27.Mar.2003 Publication Research Monograph on "Taste of Pie: Searching for Better Pension Provisions in Developed Countries" released from Tokyo: Maruzen Co., Ltd.
05.Jun.2002 Academic Paper "Never-ending Reforms of Social Security in Japan" (text (47KB)PDF / figures(74KB)PDF) uploaded
05.Jun.2002 Research Paper "Taste of Pie: What Matter in Japanese Public Pensions?" uploaded
18.Jan.2002 Research Paper "An Evaluation of Korean National Pension Scheme with a Special Reference to Japanese Experience" uploaded
07.Nov.2001 Research Paper "The Keynote Address : Reform of Public and Private Pensions in Japan " uploaded
07.Nov.2001 Academic Paper "Pension Reform in Japan at the Turn of the Century" uploaded
07.Nov.2001 Research Paper "Japanese Social Security Pensions in the Twenty-first Century" uploaded
11.Sep.2001 Newspaper Article "DC Scheme Better Tailored to Suit Modern Corporate Japan " uploaded

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