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Click Biographcal introduction of the Japanese edition, Jean Tirole (2018)『Economics for the Common Good: 良き社会のための経済学』New
Click Opinion "Abe shuffles his pieces for the political endgame" East Asia Forum, 22 September 2017
Click Published Article "Decomposition of Redistributive Effects of Japanese Personal Income Tax, 1984-2009" FinanzArchiv / Public FinanceAnalysis (2016/9)
Click Opinion "Will structural reforms make it to the G7 agenda?," East Asia Forum (2016/5/14)
Click Published Articles Comment on "Asian Participation and Performance at the Olympic Games," Asian Economic Policy Revew (January 2015)
Click Opinion "Abe must raise taxes to save Abenomics," East Asia Forum (2014/12/10)
Click Recent Papers "Can We Stabilize the Price of Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money," Discussion Paper Series A No. 617 (2014/11)
Click Recent Papers "Redistributive Effects of Income Tax Rates and Tax Base 1984-2009: Evidence from Japanese Tax Reforms," Discussion Paper Series A No. 610 (2014/6)
Click Published Articles Comment on "Who Faces Higher Prices? An Empirical Analysis Based on Japanese Homescan Data," Asian Economic Policy Revew (January 2014)
Click Recent Papers "Is Bitcoin the Only Cryptocurrency in the Town? Economics of cryptocurrency and Friedrick A. Hayek," Discussion Paper Series A No. 602 (2014/2)
Click Opinion "Onevenwichtig kiesstelsel zorgt voor perverse relaties in Japanse politiek(Disproportional voting system causes perverse connections in Japanese politics)", Throuw (Dutch newspaper) (2012/12/12)
Click Opinion "Consumption Tax and Electral Reform" East Asia Forum (2012/7-9)
Click Published Articles "Marriage Promotion Policies and Regional Differences in Marriage," The Japanese Economy (Spring 2011)
Click Review (Social Science Japan Journal), Charles-Yuji Horioka and The Institute for Research on Household Economics(eds), "Economic Analysis of Intra-household Distribution and Intergenerational Transfers"(2009/7)
Click Published Articles "How to Make the Japanese Public Pension System Reliable and Workable," Asian Economic Policy Review(with Noriyuki Takayama)(2009)

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