Emiko Usui

Institute of Economic Research

Hitotsubashi University

Kunitachi, Tokyo, 186-8603 Japan



186-8603 東京都国立市中2-1


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Curriculum Vitae







Severance Payments in Equilibrium Unemployment, Economics Letters, vol. 94 (3), March 2007


Work Hours, Wages, and Vacation Leave, with Joseph Altonji, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 60 (3), April 2007


Job Satisfaction and the Gender Composition of Jobs, Economics Letters, vol. 99 (1), April 2008


Wages, Non-Wage Characteristics, and Predominantly Male Jobs, Labour Economics, vol. 16 (1), January 2009


Concave-Monotone Treatment Response and Monotone Treatment Selection: With an Application to the Returns to Schooling, with Tsunao Okumura, Quantitative Economics, vol. 5(1), March 2014.


The Effect of Pension Reform on Pension-Benefit Expectations and Savings Decisions in Japan, with Tsunao Okumura, Applied Economics, vol. 46(14), February 2014.


Do Parents’ Social Skills Influence Their Children’s Sociability? with Tsunao Okumura, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, vol. 14(3), July 2014.


Occupational Gender Segregation in an Equilibrium Search Model, IZA Journal of Labor Economics, vol. 4(1), July 2015.


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The Effects of Providing Childcare on Grandmothers’ Employment and Mental Health in Japan, with Yuko Ueno, The Economic Analysis, (202) 125-147, 2021.


Chapter in Book


Health Capacity to Work at Older Ages: Evidence from Japan, with Satoshi Shimizunani and Takashi Oshio, NBER book Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Capacity to Work at Older Ages, David A. Wise, editor, University of Chicago Press, 2017.


Research Projects


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Specially Promoted Research)

Construction of Policy-Evaluation-Oriented National Transfer Accounts: Proposing and Evaluating Policies on Low Fertility and Population Aging


Working Papers


Pension Expectations and Household Portfolio Choice of the Elderly in Japan, with Tsunao Okumura.


How do Age-related Policy Reforms Promote Elderly Employment in Singapore? with Jessica Ya Sun.


Work-life Balance, Well-being, and Productivity with Remote Work during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan, with Miho Matsushita and Mayuka Sato.


Female Labor Market Opportunities and Gender Gaps in Aspirations, Teresa Molina.



Papers in Japanese


多様な働き方の意義と実現性─経済学的アプローチから」(特集:非正規労働と「多様な正社員」)『日本労働研究雑誌』No. 63620137




親の働き方と子供の家庭教育」小林美樹共著『経済研究』 67(1)20161


妊娠知識が出産に対する主観的期待に与える影響」小林美樹共著『経済研究』 69(3)20187. (English abstract: Fertility Knowledge and the Subjective Probability of Having Children)




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