Myanmar Field Survey (3-0)

Cats in Rural Myanmar

Takashi Kurosaki

Last revision: October 11, 2002

I have been working on rural household surveys in Myanmar since August 2000. Myanmar is indeed a South-East Asian country. I especially like its food and cats. Please visit other pages below, which show photos from rural Myanmar.

Working Farmers and Livestock in Myanmar

Rice Growing Village in Lower Myanmar

Floating Vegetable Plots on Inle Lake, Shan

Highland Vegetable Village in Shan

I visited Chin State, near Indian border in September 2002. As this is a very hilly area, it was already quite chilly when we visited one farmer's house. A cat and a dog were enjoying the heat from a hearth.

Cats are found everywhere. This cat watches mouse for a large farmer who has a huge paddy storage in a rice growing village in Lower Myanmar. She plays an important role for her master.

These mother and child cats were relaxing in the dry air of Magwe Division. More photos from fields in Magwe in the page of Working Farmers and Livestock in Myanmar.

This authentic mother cat is busy taking care of her baby cats. They live in village master's house in a village on Inle Lake, Shan.

And here are some of her baby cats...

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