Takayama, N. ed. "Pensions in Asia: Incentives, Compliance and Their Role in Retirement,"
Tokyo: Maruzen, Co., Ltd., 2005.


Asia is a region of demographic variety. Several Asian countries are currently experiencing a very rapid population ageing. The pension schemes in Asian countries face a big challenge under the population ageing. There are some Asia-specific characteristics in pensions. First, many Asian countries have only a short history of social security pensions, and accordingly the issue of increasing pension coverage is still quite relevant in these countries. Second, pension programs are fairly different among Asian countries. Third, overall, the lump-sum retirement benefits have been very popular in Asia. Indeed, its mentality is still very persistent. In this sense, annuitization of retirement benefits now becomes all the more important in Asian countries. This volume is devoted to searching for better old age income security in Asia. With an introductory chapter, it contains reports on major East, Southeast and South Asian countries, including China, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Special concerns are given to incentives and compliance issues, along with the economic status of the elderly.



Part I Country Report

Chapter 1 Public Pension Schemes: Labour Market and Compliance Issues by W. M. McGillivray
Chapter 2 A Macro Analysis of China Pension Pooling System: Financial Problem and Incentive Issues by Vivian Y. Chen
Chapter 3 Taiwan: Compulsory Occupational Pensions Under Reform by Shean-Bii Chiu
Chapter 4 Retirement Income Protection in Hong Kongby Iris Chi
Chapter 5 Country Report: India by R. Vaidyanathan
Chapter 6 Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan: A Balance Sheet Approach by Noriyuki Takayama
Chapter 7 The Past and Future of Korean Pension System: A Proposal for a Coordinated Development of Public-Private Pensions by Hanam S. Phang
Chapter 8 Malaysia: Pension & Financial Market Reforms and Key Issues on Governance by R. Thillainathan
Chapter 9 Retirement Financing in Singapore by Mukul G. Asher
Chapter 10 Pension Fund, Provident Fund and Social Security System in Thailand by Niwat Kanjanaphoomin