Seminar in Macroeconomics 2022

IER of Hitotsubashi University and KIER of Kyoto University jointly organize this seminar series in macroeconomics.

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Organizers: Yuta Takahashi (IER) and Naoki Takayama (IER)

Seminar Fall-Winter 2022
Date Time (JST) Location Speaker & Title
10/4 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Online
Antonin Bergeaud (HEC Paris)
From Public Labs to Private Firms: Magnitude and Channels of R&D Spillovers
with Guillouzouic, Henry and Malgouyres
10/18 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online
Huiyu Li (FRB of San Francisco)
Good Rents versus Bad Rents: R&D Misallocation and Growth 
with Aghion, Bergeaud, Boppart, and Klenow
10/25 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online Larry Warren (U.S. Census Bureau) and Aseem Patel (University of Essex)
What Drives Wage Stagnation: Monopsony or Monopoly?
with Deb, Eeckhout, and Patel
11/1 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online Ernest Liu (Princeton University)
Innovation Networks and R&D Allocation
with Ma
11/8 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online Christopher Cotton (FRB of Boston)
The Inflation Target and the Equilibrium Real Rate
11/15 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online
Francesco Bianchi (Johns Hopkins University)
A Fiscal Theory of Trend Inflation
with Faccini and Melosi
11/22 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Hybrid Daisuke Ikeda (Bank of Japan)
Why Aging Induces Deflation and Secular Stagnation
with Braun
11/29 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online Pascal Michaillat (Brown University)
u* = √uv
with Saez
12/6 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Online

Fabian Eckert (UCSD)
Urban-Biased Growth: A Macroeconomic Analysis
with Ganapati and Walsh

12/27 (Tue)
17:15-18:45 Hybrid

Tony Braun (FRB of Atlanta)

Seminar Spring-Summer 2022
Date Time (JST) Speaker & Title
4/12 (Tue) 17:15-18:45
Sebastian Merkel (University of Exeter)
The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level with a Bubble
with Brunnermeier and Sannikov
4/19 (Tue) 8:45-10:15
Shigeru Fujita (FRB of Philadelphia)
Aging and the Real Interest Rate in Japan: A Labor Market Channel
with Fujiwara
4/26 (Tue)



Joseph Kopecky (Trinity College Dublin)
The Murder-Suicide of the Rentier: Population Aging and the Risk Premium
with Taylor
5/10 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Davide Debortoli (CREI)
Idiosyncratic Income Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations
with J. Galì
5/17 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Sumiko Takaoka (Seikei University)
Convenience yield on government bonds and unconventional monetary policy in Japanese corporate bond spreads
5/24 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Masao Fukui (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
The Impact of Central Bank Stock Purchases: Evidence from Discontinuities in Policy Rules
5/31 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Kohei Iwasaki (ISER, Osaka University)
Rational Bubbles and Middlemen
with Awaya and Watanabe
5/13 (Fri)
Johannes Wieland (UC San Diego)
Micro MPCs and Macro Counterfactuals: The Case of the 2008 Rebates
with Orchard and Ramey
6/7 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern University)
Early-Career Discrimination: Spiraling or Self-Correcting?
with Bardhi and Guo
6/14 (Tue) 17:15-18:45
Rish Singhania (University of Exeter)
Spatial Misallocation of Native Labor and Immigration
with Auerbach, Keller and Neira
6/21 (Tue) 8:45-10:15
Ludwig Straub (Harvard University)
A Goldilocks Theory of Fiscal Deficits
with Mian and Sufi
7/12 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Michael Peters (Yale University)
Population Growth and Firm Dynamics
with Walsh
7/12 (Tue) 17:15-18:45 Shengxing Zhang (LSE)
Credit Horizons
with Kiyotaki and Moore
7/19 (Tue) 8:45-10:15 Ishan Nath (Princeton University)
A Global View of Creative Destruction
with Hsieh and Klenow