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U.S., European and Russian Economies

U.S. Economy

One of the main subjects of this study unit is the historical and empirical analysis of the evolution of U.S. capitalism and the development of the U.S. economy. The research includes analyses of economic and political developments inside as well as outside the U.S. The second main area is the analysis of contemporary economic conditions in the U.S., including studies on inflation, the effectiveness of government policy measures, U.S. foreign, economic and political policies, U.S. foreign investments and aid, and the impact of multinationals on foreign trade.

U.K. and Commonwealth Economies

This unit is primarily concerned with the historical and contemporary analysis of the U.K. and Commonwealth Economies. This includes (1) historical and contemporary study of the U.K. economy, (2) study of the British labor movement, and (3) study of British colonialism from a historical perspective.

Western European Economies

This unit conducts research on the history and contemporary situation of the economies in Western Europe and in the European Union. The relationship among the EU member countries and with countries outside the EU is also one of our current research topics.

Russian Economy

This unit conducts theoretical and empirical studies on the economies of Russia, the other former Soviet Republics, and Central and Eastern Europe. These studies include: research on the construction and reconstruction of the economic system in the former Soviet Union; analyses of the current economic conditions in Russia and the former Soviet Republics; theoretical analyses of economic planning and economic policy in Russia; theoretical and empirical studies on the economies of the Central and Eastern Europe; as well as studies on the problems of international economics related to the integration of Russia and the former Soviet Republics into the world economy, and prospects for economic collaboration.

Research Topics of the Members

AOKI, Reiko
1. Law and economics of intellectual property: Effects of IP on innovation, Design of mechanisms to promote access to IP, Standardization and IP, Law and economics network in Asia
2. Economics of low fertility and population decline: Economic analysis of super-low fertility, Economic policy in the face of declining fertility and population, Low Fertility Workshop

1. Empirical investigation of the cross-section of Stock returns in Japan
2. Corporate restructuring and Japan’s macroeconomic performance
3. US and world financial regulation in the post-global financial crisis era

KUMO, Kazuhiro
1. Population studies for Russia and the Soviet Union
2. Regions in Russia and regional finance
3. Statistical studies of labor force and industrial location patterns in early Soviet industrialization
4. Globalization and its effects on the Russian/former Soviet Union economies