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YUASA, Shiro

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Research Division of Frontier Sciences in Economics



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Previous research

I have conducted theoretical analysis using asset price bubble theory and a macroeconomic model on asset price booms that affect the entire economy of a country, such as the soaring real estate prices during the Heisei period in Japan. In particular, I have been working on the construction of a theoretical model that can analyze when an asset price bubble occurs or bursts under certain economic conditions.

Current research projects

I am currently engaged in two theoretical studies on asset price bubbles:
(1) Basic theory for building a macroeconomic model to predict the timing of asset price bubbles
(2) Development of a macroeconomic model to analyze the relationship between low interest rates and the occurrence of asset price bubbles
In addition, I am also working on empirical studies on the analysis of retail gasoline prices in Japan using daily panel data and the application of a replica exchange Monte Carlo method to Bayesian estimation of DSGE models.

macroeconomics, dynamic model, asset price bubble