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TESHIMA, Kensuke

Research Division of Comparative and World Economics

International Trade, Development Economics, Industrial Development


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Previous research

My main research areas are international trade and development economics. In particular, my research aims to understand both productivity and social consequences of globalization for developing countries. The particular research topics I have worked on are the following.

(i) Technology choice of firms in developing countries in response to international trade and foreign direct investment (see papers 1 and 2).
(ii) Matching and relationship between exporting firms in developing countries and importing firms in developed countries (see paper 3).
(iii) Broader social consequences of globalization, such as the impact of international trade on the environment and crime (see papers 2, 4 and 5).

1. Santacreu-Vasut, Estefania and Kensuke Teshima. 2016. Foreign Employees as Channel for Technology Transfer: Evidence from MNC's Subsidiaries in Mexico. Journal of Development Economics. [Link]
2. Gutierrez, Emilio and Kensuke Teshima. 2018. Abatement Expenditures, Technology Choice, and Environmental Performance: Evidence from Firm Responses to Import Competition in Mexico. Journal of Development Economics. [Link]
3. Sugita, Yoichi, Kensuke Teshima, and Enrique Seira. 2021. Assortative Matching of Exporters and Importers. Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming. [Link]
4. Dell, Melissa, Benjamin Feigenberg and Kensuke Teshima. 2019. The Violent Consequences of Trade-Induced Worker Displacement in Mexico. American Economic Review: Insights. [Link]
5. Tanaka, Shinsuke, Kensuke Teshima and Eric Verhoogen. 2021. North-South Displacement Effects of Environmental Regulation: The Case of Battery Recycling. American Economic Review: Insights, forthcoming. [Link]

Current research projects

In addition to the topics mentioned above, I am working on urban issues both in developing and developed countries. Please visit my website for the current working papers.

international trade, development economics, urban economics, environment and health, crime