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Industry-University-Government Collaboration
Research Division of Frontier Sciences in Economics /
Center for Intergenerational Studies

Macroeconomics, Social surveys, Computable General Equilibrium models, Economic statistics, Well-being


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Previous research

I was hired by the Cabinet Office, but I have had many opportunities to work as a researcher not only in the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office but also in various places that are named as research institutes, such as the RENGO-RIALS, the Japan Center for Economic Research. I have analyzed short, medium, and long term economic trends, prepared forecasts, and ex-ante analysis of economic policy using applied general equilibrium models.  I also have worked on measuring and analyzing subjective well-being, quality of health care and long-term care to improve GDP statistics, and the quality of organizational management.

Current research projects

(1) Research on measurement of subjective wellbeing and policy applications
(2) Research on application of web-based surveys in governments

macroeconomics, economic statistics, well-being