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Associate Professor; Industry-University-Government Collaboration / Research Division of Frontier Sciences in Economics / Center for Intergenerational Studies

Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics


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1991 B.S. (Geophysics) University of Tokyo
1993 M.S. (Geophysics) University of Tokyo
2006 Dr. (Economics) Kyoto University


Positions held

1993 General Affairs Division, Basic Industries Bureau, Ministry of International, Trade and Industry (MITI)
1994 Chemical Products Division, Basic Industries Bureau, MITI
1995 Chief, Planning Division, Planning and Coordination Bureau, National Land Agency
1997 Deputy Director, Research Division, Industrial Policy Bureau, MITI
1999 Research fellow, Research Institute of MITI
2001 Deputy Director, Policy Planning Office, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
2005 Deputy Director, Energy Policy Planning Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, METI
2009 Senior Analyst for Service Industries, Service Affairs Policy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI
2011 Senior Analyst for Statistical Indicators, Research and Statistics Department, Minister's Secretariat, METI
2013-2016 Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University


Previous research

I have conducted research using economic statistics, such as energy statistics, labor statistics and the Economic Census data, in addition to the work I was doing as a civil servant, which included planning and drafting the National Development Plan, macroeconomic policies and gender equality policies. I not only use statistical data but also conduct surveys. For example, I was involved in planning and sample design when the Energy Consumption Survey was being launched. I became interested in empirical analysis and policy evaluation based on micro-level data when I was working in government on matters related to gender equality. In recent years, I have contributed to the planning and drafting of economic and industrial policies by analyzing the economic impacts by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the productivity of workers and firms. I have been in my current position at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, since April 2013.


Current research projects

My field of study concerns the effects of socioeconomic change, such as population aging, women's economic participation, and globalization, on employment in Japan from the standpoint of firm activities. My current focus is on issues involving wages and labor productivity, the relationship between diversity and globalization, and female entrepreneurship.


Productivity, Entrepreneur, Diversity, Globalization, Japanese economy