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ICPSR Data Archive

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is the world's largest data archive for collecting and maintaining micro-data from past research undertaken in the social sciences. A unit within the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan in the United States, the ICPSR provides web-based access to the archived data for secondary research for academic purposes.

Membership is required to use the data administered by the ICPSR. In Japan, a group of research institutions have jointly established the ICPSR Japanese National Membership, providing access to the rich source of data by joining as one body. Hitotsubashi University is a member of the ICPSR Japanese National Membership as part of its Global COE Program, the "Research Unit for Statistical and Empirical Analysis in Social Sciences" (Program Leader: Professor Kyoji Fukao, Institute of Economic Research).

How to use the data archive

Use of the data archive is available to faculty members, researchers, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students at Hitotsubashi University. However, the data archive must be accessed from a computer terminal on the university premises.

The following describes how to access the data:

  1. To start with, access the ICPSR Find & Analyze Data webpage to search the data.
  2. When you have identified the required data, click on the "Download" link.
  3. This will take you to the "Authorized Download - Hitotsubashi University" page. If you are using the service for the first time, please click on "Create Account" for "New User" to go to the registration page. If you have already completed the registration, please enter the registered email address and password in the "Returning User" fields. ATTENTION: Since it may be necessary to contact the user, please check the "Yes" option in the Privacy field when registering a new account.
  4. When successfully logged in, you will be taken to the data download page. Please follow the steps on the page (Steps 1 to 5) to download the data.

For other detailed information about usage and data formats, please refer to the ICPSR User Support pages.

Please be sure to read the "Responsible Use Statement." In particular, redistributing downloaded materials to third parties, or conducting analyses that may identify the individual or establishment surveyed is prohibited and subject to severe penalties.

For inquiries relating to the use of the data archive, please contact the ICPSR Desk.