Social Security Pensions

" A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan"
presented at Joint PBC-IMF Seminar on China's Monetary Policy Transimission Mechanism, Beijing, April 12-13 May, 2004
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" Pension Lapse Forces Koizumi Aide Out"
from the article written by Colin Joyce, Los Angeles Times, 8 May 2004
" The Japanese Public Pension System: What Went Wrong and What Reform Measures We Have"
PIE-DP 179, October 2003
a paper presented at the international conference on Japan and Italy: Economic Performances and Policies Compared, Bocconi University, Milano, 9-10 October 2003.
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" A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan: Is NDC the Answer?"
PIE-DP 178, October 2003.
a paper presented at World Bank & RFV Conference on NDC Pension Schemes, Sandhamn, Sweden, 29-30 September, 2003.
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" Pension Reform of PRC: Incentives, Governance and Policy Options"
a paper presented at the ADB Institute 5th Anniversary Conference on Challenges and New Agenda for PRC, 5-6 December 2002.
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" Should Consumption Tax Fund Basic Pensions?"
from the article written by Mr. Kiyotaka Shibasaki, The Daily Yomiuri, 23 July 2003.
"Too Many Promises"
from the article written by Mr. Reiji Yoshida on "Promised Future Security Shaky:
State-paid Pensions Short on Funds, Faith," The Japan Times, 29 April 2003.
" Never-ending Reforms of Social Security in Japan"
The 2002 population projections and their impacts on financing social security including health care are discussed.
Mimeo. May 2002.
" Taste of Pie: What Matter in Japanese Public Pensions?"
a paper submitted to the Global Horizons Seminar on Pensions and Lifetime Savings, held at House Ways and Means Committe Room, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, 24 May 2002, sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and the Smith Institute.
" An Evaluation of Korean National Pension Scheme with a Special Reference to Japanese Experience"
a paper submitted to the Proceedings of the International Symposium for Sharing Productive Welfare Experience, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea and the World Bank, held at Seoul, September 2001.
" The Keynote Address : Reform of Public and Private Pensions in Japan"
the keynote address presented at the 9th annual colloquium of superannuation reserchers on reform of superannuation and pensions, the Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, July 2001.
" Pension Reform in Japan at the Turn of the Century"
published in Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, October 2001.
"Japanese Social Security Pensions in the Twenty-first Century"
presented at the international seminar on pensions held at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, 5-7 March 2001.
"How about the Future Picture of Pension Programs in Japan?"
a paper submitted to the Japan-Sweden joint research project on the aging population.
"The Outline of the 1999 Pension Reform Bill in Japan"
a paper explaining the essence of the new bill submitted to Parliament in July 1999 and approved by it in March 2000.
"Demographic Changes, Economic Downturn and the Pension Reform Debate in Japan"
a paper presented at the SPRC workshop on Social Security in the Context of Social Development in East and Southeast Asia, Social Policy Research Center, University of New South Wales, Sydney, September 2-3, 1999.
" Financial Balancing between Work and Retirement in Aging Populations : The Japan Case"
a paper presented at the INED conference commemorating Sauvy's 100th Anniversary, Paris, October, 1998.
a paper stated at ILO-OECD workshop on Development and Reform of Pension Schemes, Paris, December, 1997.