International Collaboration for Formulating Trans-Positional Capability Index

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The purpose of this program (Formulating Trans-Positional Capability Index) is to advance research networks with overseas institutions by sending and inviting junior researchers for a long term.
The capability approach, pioneered by Amartya Sen, looks at individual freedom and diverse opportunities, instead of one-dimensional measures such as GDP or subjective happiness, when we evaluate how well a person is living his/her life. This method has an advantage of overcoming weaknesses of standard public policies while it faces the difficult task of creating generalized multi-dimensional measures. This research program aims to gain diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives by circulating researchers and, ultimately, construct a 'positionally objective' capability index.

What's New

[ May 28, 2015 ]

The website has opened.

Jan 17 (Tue)
Seminar Series 2016 - No.8/Industry and Labor Economics Workshop/International Seminar
Feb 7 (Tue)
Seminar Series 2016 - No.9/Industry and Labor Economics Workshop/International Seminar
Feb 14 (Tue)
Seminar Series 2016 - No.10/Industry and Labor Economics Workshop/International Seminar