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ポール ソーミック PAUL, Saumik

准教授 / 比較経済・世界経済研究部門

 専門分野:Development Economics



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Before joining the Hitotsubashi University in 2016, I primarily worked on (1) The effects of conflict on education and health in sub-Saharan African countries, (2) The livelihood effects of forced displacement in Nepal, India and Malaysia and (3) Redistribution and inequality in transition countries. I also worked on topics related to trade and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.



My current research interests are (1) Inequality and structural transformation, (2) Economic history of Bengal and (3) General equilibrium effects of emigration. My ongoing projects are (1) Structural transformation and nequality in Asia (Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia), (2) Agricultural policy reforms in India, (3) Agrarian development and natural calamities in colonial Bengal and (4) Effects of emigration in transition countries.



Inequality, Migration, Institutions, Economic history of Bengal