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UNAYAMA, Takashi

Associate Professor / Research Division of Economic Measurement and Statistics / Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science

Japanese economy, Economic statistics


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Previous research

Since completing my Ph.D, my research has focused mainly on household behavior using micro-data. I have elucidated features of household consumption in Japan and topics covering estimation of the demand function, which represents within-period consumer decisions, and that of the consumption function, which represents decision-making over time.
I also study the nature of the micro-data itself that will provide the most basic information regarding household behavior. For example, I have explained the cause of a discrepancy in the saving rate between macro-data (National Account) and micro-data (the Family Income and Expenditure Survey).
Recently I have focused more on policy issues to make recommendations to mitigate serious problems Japan faces such as aging and low birth rates.


Current research projects

Currently I am analyzing the relationship between household assets and consumption. As Japan’s birth rate declines and its population ages, the impact of assets on economic welfare is growing. Since most aging issues are associated with household assets, analysis of the relationship between assets and consumption will be more and more important in the future, and numerous policy implications should be derived accordingly.


Japanese economy, consumer theory, economic statistics, household expenditure survey