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TSUTSUMI, Masahiko

Associate Professor Industry-University-Government Collaboration /
Research Division of Frontier Sciences in Economics / 
Center for Intergenerational Studies

Specialization: Economic Policy Studies
(International Economics, Macro Economics, Fiscal and
Social Security, and so on)


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Previous research

Since 1994, I have been engaged in various research projects as an economist at several public institutions. My past research can be broken down into three groups from the perspective of analytical techniques. The first group utilizes micro data and econometric tools to reveal behavioral characteristics of individuals or firms. The second one utilizes large-scale macroeconomic models or Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models to evaluate demand- and supply-side policies. The third one compiles previous research implications and statistical facts to review recent economic developments and provide recommendations to decision makers. In sum, I have been performing ex-ante and ex-post policy appraisals, many of which have been published by public institutions, such as various arms of the government of Japan and the OECD.

Current research projects

There are three ongoing projects. The first one evaluates trade policy, e.g., the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Japan–EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The second one evaluates a rationale for sovereign wealth funds for Japan. The last one evaluates the medical and nursing care insurance system.


TPP, Japan–EU EPA, Sovereign funds, Social security