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Associate Professor / Research Division of Economic Measurement and Statistics / Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science

Economic Statistics,Software Engineering


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Previous research

My previous studies comprise three themes based on the statistical analytical methods:
(1) The project team formation for software development based on multivariate analysis
(2) The detection of outliers in sales of the enterprise by the hierarchy
(3) The measurement of disclosure risk and amount of information loss in a multidimensional cross-tabulation table

Current research projects

My current research projects are concerned with future studies, continuing with previous themes, and creating anonymized data and synthetic data. In particular, I am engaged with the study of synthetic data generated by an optimal random number approach based on the fundamental statistics.


Anonymized data, Synthetic data, Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC), R-U map, A heuristic approach to cell suppression in hierarchical tables (HITAS)