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SUZUKI, Michio

Adjunct Associate Professor /Research Division of
Frontier Sciences in Economics

Macroeconomics, Income and Consumption Inequality, Productivity


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Previous research

My PhD thesis includes studies that examine the empirical relevance of borrowing constraints and friction in consumer durable trade to account for the consumption inequality in the United States of America. Further, the thesis documents the evolution of income, consumption, and wealth inequality in Canada. Since the completion of the PhD program, I have been examining the evolution of income and consumption inequality in Japan and its association with aggregate dynamics. Using Japanese firm- and establishment-level data, I have also been investigating issues in productivity, investment, and corporate finance. Thus far, I have empirically examined the effects of government capital injections into banks on corporate investment and R&D tax credit in Japan.


Current research projects

I am currently working on the following projects: 
(1) Identification and estimation of production function with unobserved heterogeneity and its application to the decomposition of aggregate productivity growth.
(2) Response of household savings and income and consumption inequality to a growth rate slowdown in the Japanese economy.


Macroeconomics, Inequality, Consumption, Savings, Productivity, Investment