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MARU, Takeshi

Assistant Professor / Research Division of Economic Measurement and Statistics

Agricultural Economics, Development Economics


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Previous research

My research can be classified into two areas: (1) research on agriculture and rural society in modern Turkey, and (2) research on agriculture during the interwar period in Japan. In the first area, based on the results obtained from field surveys, I have been analyzing how changes in circumstances surrounding agriculture and rural society affect the behavior of farm households, especially female labor participation, by focusing on the relationship between the households and the rural society to which they belong. In the second area, using the micro-database of the farm household survey, I have been analyzing agricultural production and asset accumulation behavior of farm households under the influence of the Showa Depression and the wartime regime.


Current research projects

At present, I am engaged in (1) research on the effects of rural development projects on female labor participation in rural society in Turkey, and (2) research on the consumption behavior of farm households during the interwar period in Japan. The research on Japanese agriculture forms a part of a database construction project conducted by the Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science, the Institute of Economic Research.


Japanese agriculture in the interwar period, Turkish agriculture