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HATTORI, Masazumi

Professor Industry-University-Government Collaboration /
Research Division of Frontier Sciences in Economics / 
Center for Intergenerational Studies

Specialization: Financial Economics


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Previous research

My research area is “financial economics”: I think my definition of the field may be a bit broader than it is usually understood, and I am interested in various topics related to financial stability and monetary policy.
The research topics that I have investigated include the repository of information concerning borrowers in the ladder of authorities inside banks, effects of interaction via non-financial corporation’s balance sheet between domestic banking system and global capital markets in determination of credit in an economy, and effects of unconventional monetary policy on the perception of tail-risks in financial markets.  
Before I was appointed to the Institute of Economic Research of Hitotsubashi University, I worked for the Bank of Japan and the Bank for International Settlements where I experienced a various research activities shaping my current academic research motivations.

Current research projects

I am working on a number of research topics that I believe are in the field of financial economics. As examples, I am studying a somewhat wide range of topics from ones related to central-bank communication and changes in the characteristics of the private sector’s inflation forecasts in Japan to one concerning spillover of risk premiums on volatility of equity prices across countries.


Financial Economics, Financial Stability, Monetary Policy, Banking, International Finance